Friday, August 7, 2009

We have reached the Summit

Wow, just wow. This really is an experience of a lifetime. There is so much to relay.

Wednesday morning Susan & I started the day walking about 3 miles in search of Voodoo Donuts, which was only about a mile from where we were. Unfortunately we started walking the first mile in the wrong direction. Thankfully the weather here is beautiful, and after the long drive it was really nice to walk around.

After our second mile, we decided to check out the convention center. St-1 & St-2 were buzzing around, we introduced ourselves & Stephanie Pearl-McPhee showed us into the Market.

Once we made it to Voodoo Donuts we met up with Wendy and had a fab lunch, not at Voodoo Donuts. After lunch Wendy dropped us off at the convention center so we could set up the booth. The booth went up so fast, it helped that there were 4 wonderful volunteers. A little later I met Cat Bordhi and Silvia Sterling in the Sock Museum.

Then Wednesday evening Susan, Sue and I went to the Lantern Moon dinner. Regina was supposed to join us, but was still laid over in Salt Lake City. Thankfully she got a flight first thing the next morning & made it here safely. The Lantern Moon dinner was wonderful, there was great music, we met vendors from all over & I met Jess, Casey & Mary-Heather. The bus ride home (I always call the hotel I’m staying at home when I’m out of town) was hilarious. A bunch of knitters on a yellow school bus, reminded us all of school.

Sue, Suzanne & I had class with Barbara Walker Thursday morning. It was an honor to be there & I learned to do mosaic knitting. I also relayed everyone's messages to her. She has an excellent eye for detail, and is a very patient instructor. One quick glance at our work & she could tell us whether it was right or wrong.

After class I went back to the booth, and the other vendors ribbed me for being set up already. I'm telling you, our team was wicked fast. I sat & spun, waiting until the market opened. Once it did, we were swamped. It was such a wonderful feeling seeing the knitters so excited about our Dye For Glory colors. Beer O'Clock almost sold out that first evening. We only have one left now.

When market closed we went to the Opening Reception. Tina & Stephanie gave an incredibly moving speech. It was amazing hearing all the trials they went through to bring us Sock Summit. Every step of the way businesses tried to tell them they didn't need to do as much as they were doing. They upgraded the size of the convention center three times! And each time they were treated as though they were nuts. Whether it was ordering fliers, making reservations, getting a server, or getting cake for EZ's birthday celebration.

They told us how thirty thousand people hit the website the moment the classes opened, causing the server to crash. They have a code amongst themselves, nobody goes down alone. When ever a decision is made, there are always two people present. That way no one person is ever to blame if something goes wrong. They shared that they believed they could do an event that valued the person and didn't have to compromise their morals. I love them for that. As a vendor I have noticed & appreciated everything they have done to honor us. It is invaluable having someone behind the scenes who has been there & done that. Knowing the ways in which she wished to be treated at past events and making it so here.

Friday morning I had class with Cat Bordhi, she gave us the tools to engineer new stitches. I created two new techniques while in class. There were a few really great moments during class. The best was when she noticed Back Mountain Studio's ABC stitch markers. She was really impressed with them, and said she had never seen any so pretty.

After class I went back to the booth and it was one great experience after another. I met a bunch of the people I know on Twitter. Had some teachers buy my yarn. Helped calm down overwhelmed knitters. Served people Beer O'Clock. My favorite moments were when knitters came up to the booth with a shout of glee, saying that they had been looking for me and needed something in my booth. So cool!

After the market Susan, Sue, Regina & I went into downtown and had Chinese food. Now we are back at the hotel resting and preparing to start all over tomorrow. Really looking forward to the Ravelry meet-up tomorrow evening.


Nell said...

It does sound like the experience of a lifetime! If Beer O'Clock is going to be a regular colorway, sign me up for one! I'm laughing just thinking about it.
The skein of yarn that I bought from you @ Stitches (South) I gave reluctantly, yet with love to a dear friend who is @ the summit too. She made a wonderful Ishbel with it.

Sabrina Famellos-Schmidt said...

I will have Beer O'Clock around for a bit.

Yarno said...

Oh, is so much fun to read your blog about SS. I can live vicariously through your writing!! ;) Glad everything is oging well and you are selling lots of your beautiful wares. Think I need some Beer O'Clock,too!!!

Susan Peck said...

Woo Hoo! I am glad Cat Bordhi liked my markers. Thank you Sabrina for taking them for me.