Sunday, May 31, 2009

Never Not Knitting

I knit. Everywhere I go, I knit. I thought this was normal. Then I went to dinner with a knitting friend and pulled out my knitting. She gave me a strange look, and I said: What? You're not going to knit? She thought it was quite odd that I was going to knit at a restaurant. I thought it was odd that she wasn't. But that is just how I am. I knit at concerts, baseball games, weddings, meetings, anywhere I go: I knit. People sometimes say they don't think they could have the patience to knit. I don't think I could have the patience to not knit. How else do you get through long lines, waiting at the doctor's office, watching a movie, or waiting for your food to come at a restaurant?


Nell said...

I, too, knit everywhere. : )

archop said...

This tune describes you to a T. Except for the part about me being mad. It's kinda like a part of your body. She has blue eyes, and knitting in her hands.