Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sock it to Me

The next semester starts in a week from tomorrow. I learned last semester that I love to knit socks in my science classes, but can only do the straight knitting in the round while still taking good notes and paying attention. That means when I come to the heel, I have to stop until I have some down time. So here is my plan, because I have microbiology and physiology this semester and this means I have one or the other every day of the week. I am going to cast on as many socks as I can this week. Because, well, I shouldn't cast on or do ribbing in class either. Last semester I was really bummed when I realized I didn't have any knitting and didn't have any time to do anything about it. Thankfully I have a lot of sock yarn. Well, a lot in my world. Probably very little in many other's. This is what I started last night. I want to at least double the amount of ribbing I have right now.

Then it will be onto the next pair. Don't know which ones I will start next. I did a quick scavenger hunt through my house and came up with this:

I know I have more than this, but so far the other skeins are hiding. I am obviously not counting Anzula sock yarn. The yarn in the upper left hand corner is my hand dyed yak & merino. I made a sweater out of this yarn and am curious as to how it will work up as socks. I found 4 sets of needles, again I know I have more but they are also in hiding. Since I can't find many sets I ordered a few this am from Knit Picks, they should get here in 3 days. Hopefully they will actually ship when they are supposed to. I have not been having much luck with them lately.